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  • Theme park operators

    The renderings of Queen Mary Island are dazzling – but ship is nowhere to be found

    Nobody likes other people’s dreams. Every office has a person who comes in to work and immediately gives the details of a nocturnal escapades in which “for some reason I was, like, on a flying dog and we landed on a palm tree which turned out to be a slide in a water park somehow and Matt was there with my grandfather and they were talking in French or some weird language and I was all embarrassed because I’d forgotten to put my clothes on...”Long...

  • News

    If we ever run out of column ideas, here are some more for us

    Do we ever get writer’s block? A lot of people ask us that. No, we don’t.Seriously, don’t we ever run out of ideas? No. On Monday someone stole the catalytic converter from our car at 2 in the morning. Later this week, we’re going to the urologist. It goes like that forever. How are we going to run out of ideas? Plus, we having talking dogs.Even so, just because we wanted to see what we’ve missed so far, we recently asked our Facebook friends...

  • News

    Talking dogs are mum on the subject of catalytic converter theft

    We had just fallen asleep a bit before 11 o’clock Sunday night, no small achievement for a guy who writes “insomnia” under the “other skills/talents” category on various applications, when Our dogs woke us up.We tried to sleep through the racket, but eventually we had to go out and tell them to get back into their beds, so they went back into their beds.Miraculously, we fell asleep again and, maddeningly, they woke us up again with their...

  • Olympic games

    Long Beach eyes replacing Belmont Pier for Olympic sailing events

    One of Los Angeles’ key selling points to win the bid for the 2028 Olympic Games was the array of existing, or soon to be existing, venues throughout the area.Already in place are the Los Memorial Coliseum, which will be hosting the games’ opening ceremonies for the third time, plus facilities at UCLA and USC, the Rose Bowl, Dodger and Angel stadiums, Staples Center, StubHub Center, the Forum and, in Long Beach, the newly refurbished arena and, to provide the viewing...

  • Things to do

    Weekend: It’s not fair! Long Beach Muncipal Band closes its series Friday at El Dorado Park

    We almost hate to bring this up, what with the Municipal Band’s performances being such a matter of contention in the ongoing debate over park equity/equality/fairness/justice and councilmembers demanding their 11.111... percent of Long Beach’s basket of treats, but the band is playing again Friday night at (sigh) El Dorado Park in Long Beach’s coddled 5th District.Some people complain that the east side of Long Beach gets all the good stuff, but those of us...

  • Long Beach Grand Prix

    Long Beach’s Grand Prix report is $150K worth of obvious points

    It will be a busy night for your City Council when the body meets on Aug. 8 with an agenda of almost 50 items. Included in the array is Item No. 34, which will in effect begin negotiations with the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach to continue to bring IndyCar racing to the streets of Long Beach.The city has already given the nod to the IndyCar format, so...

  • Libraries

    A look back at Long Beach’s Carnegie Library

    It’s Weader Wequest Wednesday, and we have been gratefully receiving a few dozen column suggestions from readers. We won’t need to have an original thought for weeks.Today, we’re going with the very first request, from Donita Van Horik, who writes: “Rainbow Pier and Long Beach Municipal Auditorium...gems long gone along with Carnegie Library. Also what’s going on with the Long Beach Music Hall of Fame?”OK, that’s three ideas.

  • News

    Long Beach lands at the bottom of national survey of best cities – is that fair?

    Today we’re writing about stupid WalletHub and its stupid surveys.We’ve tried to swear off WalletHub, the personal finance website that conducts occasional surveys and studies about the best and worst American cities and states in various categories in hopes of getting suckers like us to explode in rage or swell up like a wooing exotic bird over our own city’s ranking in the survey.Either way, it’s click gold for the site, we slide by with yet...

  • News

    IndyCar race argument is over, yet here we go, anyway

    A thoughtful letter comes from race`fan Stephen Waddell, of Palos Verdes Estates, who, after reading our column or columns about the battle between backers of the formats of Formula 1 and IndyCar for the rights to race on the streets of Long Beach, exhorts us to “please do your research. Maybe if you didn’t have the provincial view and actually thought...

  • Things to do

    Saturday in Long Beach: your chance to finally have a good time at the prom

    Who are you taking to the prom on Saturday?Summer and Music is bringing a new event to downtown with the Punk Rock Prom, a collection of great and at least one notable bands and a lot of things you didn’t have at your own high school prom, from 5 to 11 p.m. Saturday at the Pike Outlets, 95 S. Pine Ave.We remember our first prom a little bit, especially the part when our friend’s girlfriend threw up all over the back seat of our Grandma’s Galaxie (she let us...