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  • Amusement and theme parks

    The new ‘Wheel of Terror’ debuts Thursday at Pike Outlets

    The Ferris wheel at the Pike Outlets reopens Thursday night with the sort of fanfare that attends groundbreakings and ribbon-cuttings in this town. City leaders will speak, no doubt comparing this one ride to the bygone glories of the original Pike which the wheel practically satirizes as an overpriced ersatz homage. You could spend a week at the...

  • News

    CSULB mascot comments: The worst we’ve ever heard

    On our less charitable days we find ourself hating almost everyone in the world, especially if our only contact with them is on Facebook. On those days, when our heart goes black and hard, we often wish we could make people disappear with a clap of our hands. There wouldn’t be any painful death for these people; we’re not unreasonable. They would just disappear, along with their histories: They never existed at all.Now that you know this unfortunate side of us,...

  • Higher education

    The real Prospector Pete — the man who posed for the beleaguered CSULB statue — tells his story

    Prospector Pete doesn’t care about the cartoonish mascot version of him. In fact, he says, “I’m 100 percent in favor of getting rid of him. But not the statue. The university has to keep the statue.”Anthony Brennan is Prospector Pete, the beleaguered mascot of Cal State Long Beach. He’s 83 now, living with his schoolteacher wife in Sebastopol. In the 1960s, when he was a student at what was then Long Beach State College, his friend Ben Barker, a...

  • Long Beach State

    What will replace Prospector Pete at CSULB? Readers have some ideas

    We are seriously enjoying the feedback over the Prospector Pete flap at Cal State Long Beach. It’s a lot more entertaining than the Robert E. Lee issue, which is giving us a headache (“Did you know that Lincoln was a Republican and the Klan was founded by Democrats?” Yes, but shut up.)“Sweet Jesus!” cried Charlie Dodson, who got his bachelor’s degree at CSULB in 1977, his teaching credential in 1995 and his master’s in 2007 and never...

  • Suburban Life

    How many ways did Mom screw us up? Here are a few

    When we were little, between the age of 4 and 12, we lived on Vuelta Grande. Our dad had married our stepmom, (hereafter referred to as Mom, because she was, for better or worse) and she wasn’t nuts about it because when you came in the front door, you could see right through the kitchen to the back bathroom, if the door was open, and it usually was.Those were strange days. Our sister Debi and we were talking about it on Labor Day as we bobbed along on innertubes in the...

  • Higher education

    Will Prospector Pete be out as CSULB mascot? Leaders to discuss

    All right, we’re not going to talk about Robt. E. Lee statuary anymore. We’ll leave the land of kudzu and cicadas and the sweet smell of magnolia blossoms and head on home where Cal State Long Beach students, faculty and alumni are bickering once again over the school’s mascot, Pete the Prospector.The history is simple. Perhaps too simple: The college was founded in 1949 (100 years after gold was discovered in California), which shortens to ’49, which gets...

  • News

    Statues aren’t for history — they’re for heroes

    In recent years we have pushed to have a couple of names stricken from Long Beach schools: Peter Burnett, the first governor of California whose barbaric tendencies were brought to our attention by former Cubberley California history teacher Doug Heath, and Robert E. Lee, of whom Long Beacher Marc Litchman wrote, “By today’s definition, Lee would be termed a traitor and a terrorist who was responsible for the death of more than 600,000 people.” Burnett became Bobbie...

  • Things to do

    Yo, folky folks, it’s time to get festy this weekend

    It’s Folk Revival Festival Weekend, which makes us wonder why people have scheduled other things to do at the same time. But, we guess not everyone loves Lucero or Scott H. Biram or Billy Joe Shaver.A less rowdy day’s worth of events on Saturday is the Concert for Peace at the Recreation Park Bandshell on the corner of Seventh Street and Park Avenue. From 1 till 8 p.m. you and the fam will get poetry, music and other performances from dozens of artists, as well as guest...

  • News

    Why does our opinion matter? The reasons are endless

    Every once in a great while, someone asks us a good, solid question. Not one we can answer with a bit of research, but one that makes us question our very existence, such as this one from an anonymous caller from a couple of weeks ago which we were planning on ignoring because it was too hard to answer. We wish the lady had left her name so we could properly thank her. Perhaps she is reading this, but, also, perhaps not.“Why,” she asked, “do you feel entitled to...

  • News

    Road to nowhere: Long Beach’s ‘crosstown freeway’

    We haven’t set aside enough time yet to form an opinion on Long Beach’s land-use element that will determine the density and heights of buildings in the city far into the future. We’re only up to 1958, but we can tell you that city planners don’t always get what they want. Sometimes, proposals are merely wish lists.Let’s go ahead and look at 1958’s preliminary Master Plan (now called the General Plan), and we’ll stick to the roads and...