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  • Marriage

    Marriage among millennials not dying in this family

    A headline in Bloomberg recently declared that “Young Americans are Killing Marriage.” I don’t believe it. There’s plenty to blame on millennials – fidget spinners, the term “selfie,” the relentless release of superhero movies (did we need an “Antman”?) – but blaming them for the destruction of...

  • Stock markets

    Red ink follows feline financial tips

    I should’ve read Warren Buffett’s “Top 10 Pieces of Investment Advice” before plunging into the stock market this week. And maybe talked to my husband. But when the Dow soared to 22,000 Wednesday, I needed in — fast. My strategy of buying high, selling low is so far paying off: I’m down close to 45 bucks (no, just...

  • News

    Embraceable? Ew! A cool look at unwelcome warmth

    She came barreling toward me with arms wide open, smiling and declaring on approach, “I’m a hugger!” I shuddered; I am the type who believes it is reasonable to at least know your name before our chests touch. I considered trying to force a close-proximity-handshake, but I went along with it, passively bullied into frontal embrace with a stranger at a business luncheon. We’ve become a society in which hugging is mandatory, it seems. I’m...

  • Cats

    Readers’ comments are filling her cat’s letter box

    I know this about feedback from readers: If the person uses your first and last name, you’re in trouble. “Melissa Evans, I am surprised that you even have to ask the question,” a reader wrote on the Press-Telegram website, in response to my column last Sunday about whether to spend $2,310 on a surgery for my cat. “Of course, you pay to have it done. He’s only 3. You would put him down? Shame. Your intolerance is despicable.”And...

  • Pet health

    Her cat’s costs climb; how high should she go?

    An orange tail swoops below the Roman shades in the spare room, and I hear that chatter-smacking sound coming from my cat Jake. I know he has a bird in his crosshairs but is stymied by a glass barrier. He better not ruin those shades; they were expensive. I am typing emails when he bellows a different sound, his high-pitched moan, poking his head around the shade to see what I’m doing. “I can’t pay attention to you,” I say in a pragmatic tone.

  • Healthy eating

    Quitting sugar sounds hard; it’s harder than it sounds

    We’re told that readers like lists. There’s a whole science behind this that assumes we process information better in digestible bits, and that we like knowing the time commitment involved in reading (and clicking on) an article. Here’s an example: “75 ways sugar can ruin your health.” How about this:

  • Family travel

    Editor-at-Large: Ticked off, but still wowed by Wisconsin’s wonders

    We were walking along a tree-lined potato field when JJ asked whether I knew of any place that might sell fresh-squeezed, raw, 100 percent organic juice. “I don’t know,” I said in a shrill tone, swatting away a flock of flying insects. I had far bigger things to worry about. Ticks, for one. The blood-sucking, disease-carrying parasites are everywhere in Northern Wisconsin, where we traveled last week to visit my mom’s side of the family. The...

  • News

    Editor-At-Large: This girl’s prom photo-op is another bridge crossed

    We are standing next to the bridge where we were directed, only to find there are at least three bridges in this park. “She didn’t say which one?” I ask. JJ is silent. He’s annoyed. We’re both nervous. We’ve been watching teenage girls arrive in heels and gowns with high slits and low tops, tugging along flush-faced boys in tuxedos who seem unsure of what to do with their arms (Around her waist? Grab her hand? Elbow to elbow?).

  • News

    Editor-At-Large: Long Beach puts a female in a mail-dominated post at last

    We don’t write about postmasters anymore. In another era, the subject of Long Beach’s head of mail service seemed almost a full-time beat. Journalists for this newspaper penned over 4,000 articles between 1930 and 1970, chronicling the controversies, mundane business dealings and finances of the USPS postmaster in the city. Mail service was a big deal. In February 1939, outrage – and an investigation – ensued when Postmaster H.K. Goodwin...

  • Police

    Police Academy, Lesson One: I’ll stick with this job, thank you

    Ever wanted to engage in a gun battle with a Long Beach SWAT officer? That’s what I did Saturday. (And lost.) The Long Beach Police Department, thanks to grant funding, has been hosting day-long events for the public to learn about the laws that govern policing, and experience some of the stress involved, like conducting a seemingly routine traffic stop, barging in on a couple in the midst of a violent domestic dispute, and navigating the awkward bulk of a baton, taser...