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  • Veterans

    Lakewood to honor Dennis Lander, author of memorial poem – perhaps for the last time

    Lakewood will hold its annual Patriot Day gathering on Monday evening, and plans to honor – perhaps for the last time – one of its most well-known veterans. Dennis Lander, who wrote the poem that adorns the city’s Veterans Memorial at Del Valle Park, is 69 and suffering from end-stage cancer after exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. “Dennis is someone who has...

  • West Nile virus

    Long Beach reports first death this year from West Nile virus

    Long Beach health officials on Wednesday reported the city’s first death this year associated with West Nile virus, an illness that is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. Citing privacy laws, city officials would not say whether the death was that of Robert Palmer, 68, one of the founders of Long Beach Surfrider foundation. Palmer’s wife and officials with the foundation

  • Hospital and clinic services

    Anthem, MemorialCare end stalemate that left thousands of Long Beach patients in lurch

    MemorialCare Health System and Anthem Blue Cross have reached a multiyear contract agreement, officials announced Friday afternoon, ending a stalemate that affected thousands of Long Beach area patients. Talks between the insurance provider and hospital system, which operates Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Miller Children’s...

  • Managed health care providers

    Long Beach Memorial is no longer in-network for Anthem Blue Cross, stunning patients

    Thousands of Long Beach area customers with Anthem Blue Cross insurance will no longer receive in-network health services at MemorialCare Health System’s five hospitals after contract negotiations ended in a stalemate last week, officials said. Customers in the Long Beach area, along with city union leaders, were livid at the abrupt news, announced in a letter mailed to customers on Aug. 15. The policy change was effective the same date, giving customers little time to act,...

  • Home health care services

    What to do if you are an Anthem Blue Cross customer and receive care at Long Beach Memorial

    If you have insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and receive care at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, you are likely among thousands affected by a change announced in a letter to customers sent Aug. 15. The change – apparently a result of failed contract negotiations between the health system and insurance company – will affect many city employees who formerly received in-network health services at Long Beach Memorial, Community Hospital of Long Beach and Miller...

  • Bone marrow transplants

    Campaign continues to find bone marrow match for San Pedro officer

    Since a campaign began in April to find a bone marrow match for a San Pedro police officer suffering from a rare blood disorder, more than 1,700 people have registered with Be The Match. And, though a match has not yet been found for Officer Matthew Medina of Bellflower, two others in need have found matches as a result of volunteers’ efforts, officials with the organization said. “This has been a huge campaign,” said Ayumi Nagata, recruitment manager for...

  • Marriage

    Marriage among millennials not dying in this family

    A headline in Bloomberg recently declared that “Young Americans are Killing Marriage.” I don’t believe it. There’s plenty to blame on millennials – fidget spinners, the term “selfie,” the relentless release of superhero movies (did we need an “Antman”?) – but blaming them for the destruction of...

  • Stock markets

    Red ink follows feline financial tips

    I should’ve read Warren Buffett’s “Top 10 Pieces of Investment Advice” before plunging into the stock market this week. And maybe talked to my husband. But when the Dow soared to 22,000 Wednesday, I needed in — fast. My strategy of buying high, selling low is so far paying off: I’m down close to 45 bucks (no, just...

  • News

    Embraceable? Ew! A cool look at unwelcome warmth

    She came barreling toward me with arms wide open, smiling and declaring on approach, “I’m a hugger!” I shuddered; I am the type who believes it is reasonable to at least know your name before our chests touch. I considered trying to force a close-proximity-handshake, but I went along with it, passively bullied into frontal embrace with a stranger at a business luncheon. We’ve become a society in which hugging is mandatory, it seems. I’m...

  • Cats

    Readers’ comments are filling her cat’s letter box

    I know this about feedback from readers: If the person uses your first and last name, you’re in trouble. “Melissa Evans, I am surprised that you even have to ask the question,” a reader wrote on the Press-Telegram website, in response to my column last Sunday about whether to spend $2,310 on a surgery for my cat. “Of course, you pay to have it done. He’s only 3. You would put him down? Shame. Your intolerance is despicable.”And...