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Rendon right to halt hollow single-player health care bill

By The Editorial Board|

Is America still first on this July 4th? Question of the Week

The Fourth of July is a time when Americans take stock of what we’re celebrating and whether the nation is living up to its ideals. With Independence Day coming up, we’re asking Southern Californians to assess the United States...

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  • Grocery store operators

    5 reasons why Amazon-Whole Foods won’t win grocery war

    Goodbye, Kroger? Safeway? Albertsons? Costco? Even Walmart and Target? Considering the reaction to Amazon’s announcement of its plans to buy high-end grocer Whole Foods, you might think the online shopping giant instantly won the highly competitive supermarket wars. Yes, Amazon has helped change how we all shop. Yes, its technological genius at online shopping — and perhaps more importantly, its logistics and shipping — has sent shudders through every...

    By Jonathan Lansner @jonlan on Twitter|

  • News

    Should El Dorado Library’s name be changed?

    In a column last week, we briefly noted that 5th District councilwoman Stacy Mungo is proposing renaming the El Dorado Neighborhood Library in her district after former and recently deceased mayor Ernie Kell and his wife, former 5th District councilwoman Jackie Kell. Our Mailbag says, “No!” So, too, does the eternally irritable NextDoor...

    Tim Grobaty

  • Lifestyle

    Boys and Girls Clubs gala raises $375,000 for after-school programs

    A theme of “Oceans of Opportunity” was selected for this year’s Boys & Girls Clubs gala, held on May 20, in honor of Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Doug Drummond. Nearly 450 friends and supporters of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach gathered under a spectacular 20,000-square-foot tent at Marine Stadium for its annual gala presented by the Port of Long Beach and Tesoro. More than $375,000 was raised for the BGCLB’s after school programs...

    By Shirley Wild|

  • Outdoor recreation

    Kayaking: A great way to have fun without breaking the bank

    In Southern California, we’re used to paying for fun. If you go to a restaurant you’re going to spend money — often, lots of it. And a trip to the movies? That’ll cost you anywhere from $12 to $15 per person, not to mention the cost of popcorn, soft drinks and whatever else you might want to buy. And as we all know, theaters typically charge the equivalent of a mortgage payment for a small popcorn. At this point I have to make a confession. My wife...

    Kevin Smith

  • Columns

    Long Beach City College, tell us where the bond money goes: Guest commentary

    Long Beach City College officials recently outlined the spending plan for Measure LB, the $850 million bond issue that voters approved last year to upgrade facilities and make repairs at LBCC. When the cost of interest is added to those bonds, the total cost is $1.96 billion — a lot of money. It needs to be spent carefully. Over the past almost two years,...

    By Larry Boland|

  • Columns

    Don’t stop worrying about our elections just yet: Susan Shelley

    Exactly what did the Russians do to interfere in the 2016 election, and what should we do about it? The House and Senate Intelligence committees held separate hearings last week to consider those questions, and the answers were unsettling. Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the House committee that the Russian government orchestrated cyber attacks on the U.S. “for the purpose of influencing our election.” Over on the Senate side, witnesses...

    Susan Shelley

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    Editorial cartoon of the day


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    Let solar-roof savings shine on all ratepayers: Guest commentary

    Every day, solar panels scattered across sunny Los Angeles generate clean local energy. A key benefit of producing electricity on homes and businesses, close to where it’s used, is that it reduces costs by avoiding the expensive and inefficient long-distance transmission of energy. But only some Los Angelenos are seeing these savings. That’s because of an outdated, unfair and inconsistent approach to allocating transmission costs by California’s electric grid...

    By Craig Lewis|

  • Dogs

    Why taking our dogs to work for a day wouldn’t work out too well

    One of the sports guys came into the office to get reimbursed for covering the Big Game. Airfare, 6-star hotel, Lincoln Town Car & driver, etc. Our dogs almost killed him. “Come!” we ordered, and they trotted over and curled up at our feet, grumbling about not being able to maul the sports guy. We continued our work with our dogs looking on with what we assumed to be boundless devotion. Everything was nice and quite. Just the little chiclet-clacking...

    Tim Grobaty

  • Opinion

    Long Beach needs answers in Pearce-Cotter probe

    The situation involving Long Beach Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce and her former chief of staff, Devin Cotter, is a messy one with questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. Investigations by the Long Beach Police Department and the city’s Citizen Police Complaint Commission are moving ahead. These investigations...

    The Editorial Board

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