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  • Urban planning

    Long Beach planners earn four awards at annual ceremony

    Long Beach earned four awards from the American Planning Association for a series of innovative initiatives and projects, officials announced this week.The annual awards, presented on Thursday, recognize planning achievements in various sectors throughout the Los Angeles region. This is the fourth straight year Long Beach has been recognized. Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement the awards highlight the city’s commitment to developments that “create...

  • Graduation ceremonies

    Downey fire academy graduate fulfills his mother’s dying wish

    Susan Safina’s hands trembled as she pinned a badge on her son’s lapel. Seconds later, he leaned in for a hug and a tear trickled down her face.Christian Safina, 26, was one of six recruits graduating from the Downey fire academy on Friday and, thanks to a little help from the Fire Department and Torrance Memorial Medical Center staff, his terminally ill mother was there to witness one of his proudest achievements. “This is a Kodak moment,” she said,...

  • Urban design

    Long Beach Civic Center project earns architectural nod

    The Long Beach Civic Center is among 45 projects that earned a Los Angeles Architectural Award for what industry experts said could be “a new model for regeneration of an urban core.” The Los Angeles Business Council presented the awards on Thursday at the 47th annual architectural recognition event, which, this year, celebrated projects that embraced “cutting-edge green design and smart transportation systems.” When complete, the

  • Elderly welfare

    Some seniors at bed bug-infested complex in downtown Long Beach are forced out

    Seniors living in a subsidized housing complex in downtown Long Beach claim management has threatened residents with eviction — and in some cases followed through — when they were unable to prepare their units for bed bug extermination.Three tenants of Plymouth West have been evicted on these grounds since 2015, though others have been put on notice, or threatened with eviction, to encourage compliance; four other tenants have been evicted this year due to monetary...

  • Music

    Could more live music make Long Beach the next Austin? Perhaps

    Long Beach wants to become a city that embraces and cultivates live music, whether it be in a concert venue, small coffee shops or on street corners.The City Council this week took steps toward updating existing laws and possibly crafting some new ones, in effort to encourage more live entertainment throughout the city. Councilwoman...

  • Local governments

    Free bike registry could help Long Beach police crack down on bike theft, officials say

    Long Beach is looking into a free bike registration system that would link to the Long Beach Police Department in effort to make it easier to track and recover stolen bikes.Bike theft is a known problem throughout Long Beach, but several factors, including under-reporting by victims and how police categorize these incidents, make it a difficult to maintain data...

  • Home

    4D theater, educational programs draw new generation to the Queen Mary

    Lola Coderre emerged from a dimly-lit theater inside the Queen Mary and landed in a mock immigration checkpoint labeled “Ellis Island.” The 10-year-old peered under the brim of her pink hat as she filed into line with dozens of other students, waiting for health inspectors to clear them for passage. Inspectors barked orders at the children as doctors pulled the weak and sick aside, sending some upstairs for monitoring.For the next hour, some 120 fourth graders...

  • Local governments

    Long Beach may crack down on illegal marijuana businesses with new penalties

    Long Beach may make it easier to crack down on illegal marijuana businesses by adding a few tools to its legal arsenal. The City Council on Tuesday will consider amending a local law, based on recommendations by the city attorney’s office, that would further enable officials to penalize illegal marijuana establishments and property owners, in an effort to gain compliance and to deter such operations in the first place.When Price suggested additional enforcement tools...

  • Agriculture

    Could tax breaks turn empty lots into urban farms? Long Beach hopes so

    Long Beach is crafting two new programs that would encourage more urban farms to crop up in vacant lots across the city. The first step in the process involves laying out a local framework for an Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones program, which would grant tax breaks to property owners who lease vacant lots for small-scale agricultural uses. The second deals with creating a vacant lot registry that would track how property owners care for empty lots. Some 618 properties have...

  • Municipal governments

    Long Beach moves toward ban of long-term parking for RVs, oversized vehicles

    Long Beach residents who own RVs, boats or other oversize vehicles will need to start searching for storage accommodations as the city crafts a new law to ban long-term parking in residential areas. Once enacted, it will limit parking to three consecutive days with a city-issued permit. Councilwoman Suzie Price, who has been working on the issue since first...