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    ‘All My Sons’ revival in Torrance does Arthur Miller’s legacy proud

    Arthur Miller’s classic “All My Sons” opened on Broadway in January 1947, but it still feels relatable, thought-provoking and moving in its revival at Torrance Theatre Company. Aside from the flawless writing, Torrance offers meticulous direction by Sasha Stewart Miller and effective, serious yet charming portrayals by the “supporting” cast. But one portrayal is stupendous, giving this production the heft of a Broadway drama. It takes place in...

    By Dany Margolies|

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    ‘Spelling Bee’ spells success at the Norris Theatre in Rolling Hills Estates

    The Norris Theatre’s latest theatrical offering is entrancing and ebullient, two words best defined as fun. And although its characters are too-smart adolescents and odd adults, it feels inviting and universal. Unsurprisingly, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” is a musical about a spelling bee. Conceived by Rebecca Feldman, wrought by William Finn (music and lyrics) and Rachel Sheinkin (book), with additional material by Jay Reiss, it won the 2005 Tony...

    By Dany Margolies|

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    ‘A Funny Thing Happened ...’ doesn’t live up to its title at LA’s Geffen Playhouse

    The title of the latest show at Westwood’s Geffen Playhouse is unwieldy and less than truthful. It sets the audience up for as much disappointment as its prime character, Karla, seems to have faced for much of her life. Unfortunately, Karla’s current disappointments appear to have been self-inflicted. But playwright Halley Feiffer has saddled her West Coast premiere of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering...

    By Dany Margolies|

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    The Getty’s ‘Iphigenia in Aulis’ remains a tale for all time

    Ancient Greek dramatist Euripides’ play “Iphigenia in Aulis” could seem remote. What have we in common with a father who sacrifices his daughter to the gods in exchange for better weather that will help him wage war? Or is it so far-fetched? How many parents have sacrificed their children to their ideals, for their egos, because of dangerously irrational adherence to misunderstood rules? As Euripides penned the legend, the Greek fleet, under its...

    By Dany Margolies|

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    Theater review: ‘Timing’ is everything it should be in Long Beach

    Since taking its first bows in 1993, David Ives’ “All in the Timing” has enjoyed a robust life on smaller stages everywhere, thanks to the brevity, minimal technical demands and skilled, witty writing of its six one-act plays. Widely regarded as the contemporary master of the short form, Ives wrote most of the plays between 1987 and 1993 before combining them, in anthology fashion, under one title. In Long Beach Playhouse’s new staging, director...

    By Eric Marchese|

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    Compelling ‘Tale of Two Cities’ does justice to Dickens’ novel

    Any time someone translates a novel to the stage, there is risk involved. The depth of interior monologue, the detail of setting and character, the convolutions of plot and emotion, even the poetry of language used to provide all of this, are all limited by the confines of the stage and the time frame expected of a standard play. Never is this more true than when dramatizing the works of Charles Dickens. A man who loved theater, his works are in many ways quite theatrical, but they are...

    By Frances Baum Nicholson|

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    War guilt and a corrupt business fuel Torrance Theatre Company’s take on Arthur Miller’s classic ‘All My Sons’

    The Torrance Theatre Company is starting its season with an American classic. Arthur Miller’s 1947 hit Broadway drama “All My Sons,” opens in Torrance Sept.16 and runs through Oct. 15. Miller’s Tony Award-winning piece was the second play written by the famous author. It was reportedly his final attempt at making it as a playwright, since his first Broadway play “The Man Who Had...

    Richard Guzman

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